The only NFT tool you will need to uncover opportunities before everyone else.
NFTScoring was created by a group of passionate builders that wanted to give NFT investors all the information needed in order to make smart decisions when buying or selling NFTs. We track transactions for more than 75,000 NFT projects that happen through OpenSea in Ethereum Network and list new projects daily.
NFTScoring was founded by serial startup founders and crypto enthusiasts and has been funded by the top investors, including Y Combinator, or Credo Ventures.
To start, you can use the free version of to see Trending Collections, Project Analytics, Collection Rarity, upcoming Drops, Whales Insight and Rarity Sniper.
Review our features below for a deeper dive, and consider upgrading to Premium to unlock the full potential of, allowing you to make smart entry and exits using a must-have market insight and trading tool for anybody breaking into the NFT space.
Trending View will give you real-time NFT market insights about current selling collections.
Premium allows you to view the 1 min, 5 min, 10 min, 30 min timeframes.

2. Expert View

Expert View was built for the active NFT trader. Within one view, you are able to see listings, transactions, and floor strength in real time.
This feature is only for Premium users.

3. Analytics View

The Analytics View was built for a clean overview of the NFT project history as well as insight into their social.
Premium unlocks , Sell Wall, Twitter Followers growth over time, Discords Followers over time, communities similar to, and distribution of owners.

4. Rarity View

Rarity View was created so that you could filter the NFTs of a specific collection based on their rarity, traits, buy rank and price.
Buy Rank is only available for Premium users. The Metrics Buy Rank, ranks the NFTs of a collection based on the best possible deal our algorithm has detected.

5. Social View

Social View was built to keep track of what is happening on Twitter and Discord for each collections.

6. Rarity Sniper

Rarity Sniper was built to help active traders find the best listings in the market.
Premium unlocks the filter to view NFTs that are listed based on top Buy Rank.

7. Drops

Newly created DROPS view was rebuilt from the ground up to give you the best insight about new projects that are about to DROP.

8. Whales Insights

Whales insights was created so that you could follow top NFT investors every move.
Premium unlocks the ability to see more details into projects that Whales are buying.


These documentation will make frequent references to Premium. Premium is a monthly subscription that starts at 0.1 ETH per month. We accept Ethereum as payment.
You won't be overcharged because cryptocurrency subscriptions cannot be charged automatically; simply top up when you're ready!
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