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How to List Your NFT Project?

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    Fill all the necessary details - you’ll be also able to edit everything later
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    Pay a one-time fee of 0.1 ETH
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    Relax and enjoy new traffic

What is included in the fee?

  • Your NFT collection has potential to reach 100k monthly NFT traders on NFTScoring
  • Get awesome customisable landing page for your NFT collection
    • Share your minting information ⚒️
    • Preview images of your art 🖼️
    • Detailed tracking community metrics 🙏
    • Roadmap 🚗
    • Team 👯‍♂️
    • FAQ ❓
  • Edit you NFT collection data any time and deliver real-time updates to more people 💡
  • Edit your main announcement in your NFT collection detail 📣
  • NFTScoring Discord bot: Get more people to see what’s happening inside your community. Connect our bot so that all announcements get pulled into your NFTScoring page.